Simple Strategies to Connect Your Practice with New Clients

Simple Strategies to Connect Your Practice with New Clients

How does your practice face the challenge of acquiring new customers? Digital marketing is an obvious potential solution. However, the time and expertise required for effective digital marketing pose another hurdle for many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In this context, your practice must prioritise your efforts wisely, considering your limited time and resources.

Here are some straightforward strategies to enhance visibility and engagement:

Social Media. Yeah. nah.

When targeting new local customers, be wary of investing excessive time in social media that might not yield the desired results. While platforms like Facebook are widely used, their algorithms can limit the reach of posts to new audiences. Social media remains effective for engaging existing customers, providing updates, and offering deals. However, for attracting new local customers, businesses, you may need to explore alternative avenues.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly 

While this may seem an obvious strategy, you may be amazed how many sites still provide a sub-par user experience on mobile. Prioritise a mobile-friendly website to enhance the overall consumer experience. Align content with consumer needs to optimise search and marketing results.

Keep IT Simple Stupid (KISS)

Consumers face information overload, making it crucial to simplify the customer experience. To drive consumer action toward the path to conversion:

  • Utilise single calls to action in ads.
  • Provide simple choices in enhanced listings.
  • Highlight the most requested information prominently above the fold on your website.

Funnel Everything to Your Top 20 Percent

Apply the 80/20 rule to simplify your marketing efforts. Identify and invest in the top-performing 20 percent of your marketing strategies, focusing on the most effective channels that drive results.

Get Specific on Your Target Audience

Detailed targeting simplifies your message and aligns your marketing with the audience most likely to respond. Leverage data-driven insights to create targeted campaigns based on factors such as geography, demographics, and past search history.

Consolidate Your Targeting Data

Centralise your data to simplify analysis and make it more effective. Avoid scattering data across multiple systems, as a unified database allows for a comprehensive view of customer profiles and enhances the efficiency of targeting efforts.

Measure Meaningful Numbers

In a data-driven landscape, focus on metrics that matter to your business. Avoid getting overwhelmed by universal metrics and prioritise numbers that align with your goals. For instance, optimising for click-through rate (CTR) may not always lead to positive secondary actions such as phone calls.


While marketing can be overwhelming, implementing these strategies can save time and effort. Streamlining your marketing approach doesn’t necessarily mean less work, but it does result in clearer goals and increased effectiveness. By simplifying your strategy, you can focus on what matters most and adapt technologies for long-term success.

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