Websites & digital marketing services to grow your business

Our digital services include customer focused WordPress & Shopify sites, pitch perfect ad campaigns, sustainable SEO programs, time saving marketing automations and account focused CRM management.

Web Design & Development

I design, develop and optimise customer focused WordPress sites to improve the customer experience and optimises your most important marketing touchpoint. I can handle big or small updates, fix technical issues & optimise performance.

Email Marketing, Automation & CRM

Send beautiful emails to your subscribers with landing pages and sign up forms that make your clients take action. Automatically send personalised follow up emails to your clients based on their interactions and preferences.

Appointments, Payments & Invoicing

Acuity. Calendly. DaySchedule. With seamless client scheduling, secure payments, and workflow automation, all you have to do is show up on time. Stripe. Square. Xero. We bring everything together that’s required to accept payment, automate financial processes, and ultimately grow revenue.

Paid media marketing

Advertising on Google is by far the most effective way to reach people actively looking for your products and services. You can target your products and services directly to people searching for what you sell at a precise location, time and device. Upswing is a Certified Google Partner and expert in Google Ads.


Search engines are now smarter in ranking worthy sites than they used to be. With over 200 signals in Google’s search ranking algorithm, it’s imperative to have the right SEO foundations and for your business to have a credible content marketing program.

Social Media

If your business needs to grow you need a presence on social media because thats where most people spend their time. We can help you build an engaged community around your brand.

Analytics & Reporting

Develop and maintain a data & analytics strategy to gain actionable insights to improve marketing performance, measure ROI and drive business growth. 

Content marketing & creative media

I can support your visual brand and communications through the creation of a range of digital media including logos, banners, e-brochures, short videos, online forms and surveys

  • Content writing & copywriting
  • Video production & editing
  • Digital media design
  • eLearning & online course development
  • Brochures, proposals & reports

Online Courses, Memberships & coaching

Monetize your knowledge and experience with courses. Get started instantly with our AI course builder. Build branded and engaging subscription memberships that earn you recurring revenue. Build customized coaching programs with built-in live videos, calendar integrations, and collaborative notes.

Here are just a few ways I can help health and wellbeing practices

Here a few ways I can assist:

  • Optimise your Google Business Profile (GBP) so people nearby find you
  • Set up a customer reviews & testimonials workflow, because user generated content is vital in your customers decision making
  • Refresh your current website design because first impressions matter
  • Audit your current Local SEO strategy so that your business shows up on Google for people in your area
  • Improve your ROI on your Google Ads campaigns
  • Conduct a website ‘health check’
  • Create an automated ‘Welcome..’ email series for new subscribers
  • Provide critical insights on what your customers do when they’re on your website
  • Provide training on how to build pages on WordPress & Elementor
  • Write, design and deliver an email marketing campaign
  • Conduct a client survey
  • Create an engaging video
  • Craft a Facebook ad campaign
  • Set up and track key events (valuable user actions) on your website
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Is your business optimised for Local SEO? Get a FREE SEO WEBSITE AUDIT from me, a Certified Google Partner.