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We can work with you in a way that suits your needs. From a single task to managing your entire marketing program.

Facebook Marketing

The messages your social media networks convey are crucial to reaching and engaging new and existing audiences. Being clear on your brand and consistent are the keys here and having a social media content plan and calendar are your tools to managing this.



Search engines are now smarter in ranking worthy sites than they used to be. With over 200 signals in Google’s search ranking algorithm, it’s imperative to have the right SEO foundations and for your business to have a credible content marketing program.

Google Search Marketing

Advertising on Google is by far the most effective way to reach people actively looking for your products and services. You can target your business directly to people searching for what you sell at a precise location, time and device. Upswing is a Google Partner and certified expert in Google Ads.

Creative Media

Creative Media

I can assist with creative media for your website or marketing campaigns, including copywriting, print and logo design, photography & video production. Your campaigns are only as good as the creative!

Creative Media

Web Development

I can optimise your website to improve the customer experience and return on your marketing investment. I can handle big or small updates, fix technical issues & optimise performance.

Content Marketing​

Helpful content is the key to successful lead nurturing. We create digital content that is the backbone of your inbound marketing efforts, including copywriting, graphic design, photography and video production..

Analytics & Insights

Data & Analytics

We create measurement plans that provide actionable insights that really matter to your business! Our measurement plans allow you to see what is actually working and what’s not with your website & marketing campaigns. Providing a report does not offer much value to most businesses. Meaningful insights are what's needed.

Email Marketing & Automation

We provide email creation, delivery, and automation, to increase relevance, engagement and client retention. If done well, email is still an effective channel for communicating with your customers/clients one to one.

Digital Strategy​​

Understanding who you are, who you are communicating to and what their needs are is critical to your marketing success. Our ‘Brand & Marketing’ Clarity Sessions’ help to develop a crystal clear brand identity and communication blueprint that enables you to confidently market your business to the audience you’re targeting.

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