The First Step To More Customers

The First Step To More Customers

The amount of content on the web about getting more customers is mind-boggling. Most of it is long-winded and make it seem like a huge process which it doesn’t need to be. Take this step today and you’ll be making a huge leap towards the people you’re here to serve, and to more customers.

One of the most common problems we work through with clients is simplifying the chaos of their current marketing approach. They’re usually trying to do a little bit of everything and hoping it will result in a customer enquiring or buying but often their efforts miss truly connecting with the people they started their business for.

Good marketers understand that marketing is a daily activity, (performed across varying platforms, online and in person) but unless the marketing is communicating directly to the hearts and minds of their intended customers their efforts will most likely go unrewarded. The first step to getting more customers is to understand how your customers think and behave; where they hang out, what they read, their likes and dislikes, values and beliefs; you need to understand the things that matter to them and how what you’re offering will help them. You need to know them like you would your best friend, sister or brother and ‘talk’ to them about ‘them‘ not your business – they’ll work that out themselves if they’re keen to know more.

Just before you click away to re-write your last Facebook post there’s one more ingredient to add to this marketing mix and that is to clarify your brand’s identity (tone, language, style and character) so that it succinctly reflects your brand. You need to be clear about how your brand thinks and behaves, about its values and beliefs  – know IT (she or he) like you know your best friend. When you know your brand inside out and you know your customer inside out you’ll be able to connect the two via your daily marketing efforts, dare I say, almost effortlessly.

When your marketing connects with the heart and mind of your customer they’ll feel understood and that’s their first step towards enquiring or buying.

Image by Sebastian Rieger

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