This is What Happens When You Truly Connect With Your Customers

This is What Happens When You Truly Connect With Your Customers

This is Aris. He’s a shoe repairer in my neighbourhood. Here he is holding a photo of himself next to billboard about him on the wall next to his shop. One of his customers made it for him. For free.

Free advertising. That’s what happens when you connect with your customers (as well as doing top quality work). People talk about you, they praise you, they boast about knowing you (did I mention Aris has been fixing my shoes for over 20 years!) they recommend you, they do things for you and they just generally cheer for you, day in day out.

So now I’m writing about the funny billboard that one of Aris’s customers made him.
More cheering, more kudos, more love.

All for free.

When you’re doing what you’re good at well AND you’re connecting with your customers it’s hugely powerful (and if you have staff make sure they exude the same).  You still have to put in the effort and hours but it’s no biggie because it’s what you want to do and where you want to be and you’re customers feel it so they’ll trust you and they’ll pay you and then they’ll promote you – for free.

Aris has been repairing shoes and bags and belts and whatever else his thousands of loyal customers have thrown at him for 27 years. He’s still smiling, still interested and still connecting. And that is a very simple recipe to enable business owners to sleep well at night.

Aris’s shop is at 3B Armstrong St, Middle Park VIC 3206 or call him (03) 9696 4898.

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