7 Ways To Stand Out From Your Competitors

7 Ways To Stand Out From Your Competitors

7 Ways To Stand Out From Your Competitors. Hint: Do not copy, follow or fixate on them!

There is no denying business owners like to keep watch on what their competitors are doing and on a product level it’s probably worthwhile but from a brand & marketing perspective, it’s the exact opposite…they key is to stand tall, be uniquely you and deeply connect to your customers.

Here are 7 punchy ways you can make your business stand out so that it attracts AND KEEPS the people you’re here to serve…

  1. Hire and train people who love what you do and who genuinely reflect the character and values of your brand.
  2. Provide knock-out customer service. Make it so remarkable that people are busting to tell others about it.
  3. Cultivate authentic and caring relationships with your staff and customers. This approach will help you retain loyal staff (save $) and loyal customers (make $).
  4. Know how your customers think and feel and ensure that all your communications convey how you fit into their world. “People tell us who they are but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be”   – Donald Draper.
  5. Share your brand story creatively and with emotion so that it connects to the hearts and minds (empathy) of your customers.
  6. Be transparent about your brand values; what matters to you – why do you do what you do, who are you in business to serve, what does your business stand for, what are you trying to change?
  7.  Add value to your value. Continually create additional value for your customer beyond the value of what your product/service already offers them.

Fixating on how your competitors are going and growing is only going to distract you from your own growth so keep your eyes on the road ahead, stand tall, be uniquely you (on brand) and deeply connect with your customers – they’ll love you for it!

What are some of the things you could do to stand out more?

Image by Ellie Pritts

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