The Top 10 Ways To Be A Natural Daily Marketer

The Top 10 Ways To Be A Natural Daily Marketer

A bit of marketing each day sends more customers your way. Here are our top 10 ways to be a natural daily marketer.

Our work with clients varies hugely depending on where they are at with their business, what knowledge and skill level they have and what sort of budget is available. However, regardless of all those factors we always focus on delivering our one unwavering promise – to help them become ‘natural’ daily marketers. We know this is the foundation for successful online marketing and to attract more customers!

Here are our top 10 ways to do it:

  1. Be crystal clear about your brand – it’s profile and story. 
    Know it, live it and share it with the people you started your business for. Does your website reflect who you are? Does it tell your story well?
  2. Be crystal clear about your customers – their profile and story.
    And most importantly how your product/service fits in. Do your social profiles appeal to your customers?
  3. Be crystal clear about how your brand communicates; its voice, language, style and values.
    Make sure you, your staff and all your communications are oozing your brand’s character and charisma.
  4. Be crystal clear about how your target audience will find you.
    It’s not just about ‘demographic’, it’s about lifestyle, values, needs and wants. When you understand your customers this deeply you will know how to reach them. Do the images you use connect with your customers’ needs/wants? Are your website and social profiles set up so your customers can easily find you or hear about you?
  5. Be crystal clear about how you will make it almost effortless for your customers to buy from you.
    When your customers do find you it’s imperative that connecting or buying from you is an almost effortless and always positive experience. People are intolerant of complicated shopping processes (particularly online), so make it as easy and uplifting as possible. They should feel happy at the end of their purchase.
  6. Be crystal clear about how you want your customers to feel when they have bought from you and how you will make that happen.
    How will you ensure your customer experiences ‘intangible value’?  That feeling of ‘I’m so glad I bought this…I can’t wait to use it, show it off, tell my friends, benefit from it, belong to it…etc’. And, how will you know they’ve felt it?  The scope to do achieve this with your digital platforms is enormous, so get acquainted. 
  7. Be crystal clear about how you will ensure every customer who has bought from you will do so again.
    Look after your customers like a dear friend. Find ways to stay connected to them and help them continue to feel connected to you AND to each other. Build a community and foster a sense of belonging.
  8. Be crystal clear about how you will enable customers who have bought from you to tell others.
    Word of mouth is the gold of marketing. If you can tick all the boxes on this list your customers will be beaming with pride about your brand and if you encourage them to share that love they almost certainly will!
  9. Be crystal clear about how you will show gratitude to loyal customers.
    If someone buys from you once, how will they feel appreciated? If they buy from you twice? Regularly? You need to know the answers to these questions and make sure it is actioned every time.
  10. Be crystal clear about how you will ensure that every communication you, your staff and customers have with all the people in their respective communities is a reflection of all the above!
    Natural daily marketers understand that every communication you, your staff and customers have about your business IS marketing. Every spoken and written word, every use of your product or service, every single utterance!  Nut it out, write it down, make sure you recruit the right people, make sure they love what you do and stand for and most importantly, make sure you’re the leader you want them to follow.

When you’re crystal clear about how your brand fits into your customers world you’ll be a certified natural daily marketer.

P.S. If you would like us to review how well your website and social profiles are serving you contact us. It’s free!

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