7 Strategies SMBs Can Use To Get More Clients

7 Strategies SMBs Can Use To Get More Clients

Busy SMBs under-prioritise marketing mainly because they don’t have enough time. But they acknowledge that marketing is important to meet their top priority to get more clients. How’s your business doing?

Here are seven strategies you can use to find more clients.

Organic search

Search engines are now very smart at listing relevant content that matches the search query intent. That’s good news for businesses with something to say and not so good for traditional SEO tactics that aim to manipulate the system with ‘thin content’. With over 200 signals in Google’s search ranking algorithm, it should be imperative for your business to have a credible search engine optimisation program.

Paid search

Advertising on Google is by far the most effective way to reach people who are actively looking for your products and services.  Search ad campaigns are highly targeted and appear at the top of search engine rankings. You can target your business directly to people searching for what you sell at a precise location, time and device. You control your advertising spend and can precisely measure your ROI. And you’ll only pay when your ad gets clicked on.

Finding new customers was rated as the top challenge rated by small businesses. Source: Ipsos, Small Business Research, 2018

Social media

There is no doubt that platforms such as Facebook have made it incredibly difficult for businesses to communicate ‘freely’ to their audience. It requires a lot more effort, planning (and dare I say, dollars) to maintain a successful social media program than ever before. That said, you still need to do it! SMBs who don’t have a strong social media presence are losing out. The sheer numbers of people on social media mean your prospects are there too. Even if your target audience is middle-aged accountants; they’re there too. Achieving ‘cut-through’ on social media requires precisely crafted ads, aligned to your business objective and target market.


Ther rise of bots has been nothing short of astronomical. In essence, a bot is simply a computer program that automates certain tasks. A chatbot is a bot that is programmed to have conversations with people, on behalf of people. People use chatbots when they need a problem solved, and fast. Chatbots are always available and, perhaps more importantly, respond immediately. They are built to be helpful, answering queries and offering solutions without requiring much user effort. Chatbots offer a radically new reality: scalable, one-on-one conversations between your business and your audience.

Over 45% of people prefer to communicate with a business via messaging than email. Source: Ubisend’s 2016 Mobile Messaging Report, 2018


Did you know that video receives 1200% more shares than text and images combined? Having videos that showcase you and your firm are a great way to introduce clients to your brand and values. Video can provide the human touch that images and text can’t. Clients are much more likely to engage with your website and content if you include video.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is another strategy that has marketers abuzz. It refers to the process of automating marketing actions, such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier. Optimised well, marketing automation allows businesses to nurture prospects with highly personalised, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers. It can also save valuable time and resources. Both Active Campaign and HubSpot are worthy choices.


Understanding how well your website is meeting its objectives is critical to getting more customers. Without accurate and reliable data on your marketing efforts, how can you tell if what you are doing is working or what you need to change or tweak to improve what you’re doing? Check out Loves Data’s Google Analytics Checklist – The Complete 2019 Edition to see how you’re business is doing.

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